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Central researching institute of communications exchanged operators numbers

Опубликовано: 3 октября 2013 г., 00:00
Изменено: 11 декабря 2018 г., 07:54
On October 3, 2013, at 13:30, in Moscow in the framework of testing services for the transfer of subscriber numbers was carried transfer numbers between operators “MTS” and “Vimpelcom”. Of the operator database ported numbers performed jurisdictional of Rossvyaz Central Researching Institute of Communications (CRIC).

Transferring the phone number carried telecom operators in manual mode via the Web-based database of equipment ported numbers in the facility M-10 "Rostelecom". CRIC Experts using the same Web-based interface, tracked the number portability process in real time. For coordination the activities of the participants of number portability was organized multilateral conference call with representatives of MTS, Vimpelcom and CRIC.

During testing, the following steps have been verified phone number transfer process:

- the formation of the operator by the recipient to the donor operator notification of the need to begin transferring the phone number;
- confirmation of the donor operator number portability beginning of the process;
- alert the donor operator about the beginning of work on number portability;
- alert the recipient operator of the completion of work on number portability;
- notifies the donor operator on the completion of transfer number. 

All stages of the process of number portability were successful. Both operators have acted in the role of donors and recipients, thus fully confirm the availability of the system of transfer.

The process of number portability is in accordance with the agreed algorithm. Each stage of the process performed by the MTS and Vimpelcom a separate record showing the result.

"In the middle of this year jurisdictional of the Federal Communications Agency CRIC has already conducted a test transfer numbers within one of the “Big Three”. And now we are ready to announce the successful conclusion of the transfer numbers between the "MTS" and "VimpelCom", which was held at the Central Researching Institute of Communications in Moscow. This event once again confirms the willingness to work CRIC to provide number portability services to Russian customers, "- said the head of Rossvyaz O. Dukhovnitsky.