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Federal Agency of Communications

Universal communication services

On forming the global information society, the efficiency of the state policy in the field of the development of communication technologies depends on the equal access for all nationals to communication services. The principle of universal servicing or equal access to communication services is one of the mainstreams of state communication policy in many countries.

In the Russian Federation, the principle of universal servicing was first guaranteed in 2003 by Federal Law On Communications. In conformity with this Federal Law, among universal communication services are those provided with the use of public access facilities or access points, such as public telephone and public Internet access points.

The introduction of the universal communication servicing mechanism takes into account the interests of all segments of the population, but, first of all, it is aimed at ensuring the availability of communication services for people living in rural areas, and especially in remote and hard-to-access areas.

Numeration Resource

According to RF Government Resolution No 350 of 13.07.2004, the Federal Agency of Communications is responsible for the allocation, the alteration and the withdrawal of the numeration resource of the Russian national telecommunications network.

Communications compliance assessment

According to RF Government Resolution No 320 of 30.06.2004, the Federal Agency of Communications in the field of communications compliance assessment activities is:

  • rendering a public service of the registration of declarations of communications compliance:
  • rendering a public service of keeping the lists of compliance assessment certificates and declarations of compliance.
  1. List of communications compliance assessment certificates
  2. List of registered declarations of communications compliance
  3. List of certifying bodies
  4. List of testing laboratories

Issuance of state valuable postal matter

According to the Statute on Valuable Postal Matter and Special Cancels of the Russian Federation, approved by the order of the Ministry of Communications No 115 of 25.05.1994, a Postage Stamps Commission of the Federal Agency of Communications was established. The Chairman of the Commission is the Head of the Agency. On the Commission are representatives of Rossvyaz, publishing and trading center Marka, federal state unitary enterprise Russian Post and the Union of Philatelists of Russia.

The Commission considers and recommends for approval Editorial Calendars of Issuance of postage stamps, envelopes and postcards, as well as considers and recommends for approval samples of valuable postal matter.

Issuance plans


Federal Programs

Rossvyaz is a participant in the following Federal targeted programs

  1. Olympic facilities construction and development of Sochi as a mountain resort
  2. Social and economic development of the Chechen Republic for the period of 2008-2012
  3. Social development of rural areas till 2012
  4. Social and economic development of Kuril Islands (Sakhalin area) for the period of 2007 −2015
  5. Economic and social development of Far East and Transbaikal for the period till 2013
  6. Global ocean, subprogram Reclaiming and usage of the Arctic (Shpitsbergen)
  7. Development of TV broadcasting in the Russian Federation for the period of 2009 — 2015
  8. Social and economic development of the Ingush Republic for the period of 2010-2016
  9. Inhabitation

Postal communications

The unified postal communications network of the Russian Federation is composed of all organizations and state bodies, providing postal communications on the territory of the country. The material-and-technical basis of the unified postal communications network of Russia is made of public postal network and courier communication network.

Satellite communications network

The Rossvyaz functions include creation, development and usage of satellite communications systems.

The state authorities fulfill strategic management and control of the development of civil communication satellite constellation, which is operated by Rossvyaz subordinate Federal State Unitary Enterprise Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC).

The Russian Satellite Communication Company (RSCC) is the Russian state satellite operator whose spacecraft ensure global coverage. RSCC belongs to the ten largest world satellite operators in terms of satellites and orbital slots and has more than 45 years of experience. RSCC provides a full range of communications and broadcasting services via its own satellite fleet of 13 satellites and terrestrial infrastructure: video distribution and contributions, DTH services, satellite news acquisition, presidential and governmental applications, broadband access and Internet, IP trunking and cellular backhaul, mobility solutions for vessels, etc. The company deploys regional TV satellite distribution networks as well as multi-functional corporate and government VSAT networks. Besides, RSCC provides satellite telemetry, tracking and control services to other operators. Today RSCC is present at all geographically available markets, providing services for customers from 58 countries worldwide.

The company possesses the largest satellite constellation in Russia located in the geostationary orbital arc from 14 West to 140 East and cover the whole territory of Russia, the CIS, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Asia Pacific region, North and South America, and Australia. RSCC includes five teleports – Satellite Communications Centers (SCC): Dubna, Bear Lakes, Skolkovo, Zheleznogorsk, Khabarovsk and the Shabolovka Technical Center in Moscow as well as its own high-speed optical-fiber digital network.

TV- and radio- broadcasting

Satellite public TV broadcasting is implemented over five broadcasting zones. The chosen zoning principle provides a possibility to broadcast Russian national channels in all areas at local time.

In 2008, the Federal Agency of Communications was involved in the process of digital TV implementation in Russia and in the development of the concept of Federal Targeted program Development of TV- and radio-broadcasting in the Russian Federation for the years of 2009-2015, as well as in the formation of the Federal Targeted Program Development of TV- and radio-broadcasting in the Russian Federation for the years of 2009-2015.

International activities

The Federal Agency of Communications is a participant in the activities of the following international organizations:

  1. Universal Postal Union (UPU) –
  2. Regional Commonwealth in the field of Communications (RCC) –
  3. European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT) –
  4. Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) –
  5. Telecommunication Development Sector (ITU-D) –