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10 äåźąįš’, 2015
Oleg Dukhovnitsky held a regular meeting on emergency situations on the territory of the Crimea

28 īźņ’įš’, SPBSUT
Dmitry Panyshev took part in the opening seminar of APEC in the NIIR

28 october
Rosinfokom 2015

8 īźņ’įš’, NIIR
R.V.Sheredin took part in the meeting with the delegation of the Republic of India

Houlin Zhao and Oleg Dukhovnitsky visited the SPBSUT

13 may
Expanded meeting of Rossvyaz

16 February, NIIR
Director of the Department of ITU Dr. Eun-Ju KIM visited NIIR

19 January
General Secretary of the International Telecommunication Union Zhao Houlin visited NIIR

23 äåźąįš’ 2014
The new acting rector of FSFEI HPE «SibSUTIS» was presented in Novosibirsk

December 2011, Moscow
Layouts of souvenir sheets, dedicated to Sochi Olympics talismans

November 25th, 2011, Moscow
Envelope and postage stamp cancellation solemn ceremony, dedicated to 100 years anniversary of the Russian Olympic Committee

November 15 - 16, 2011, Moscow
Rossvyaz’ seminar “Document flow as management tool in Rossvayz and jurisdictional organizations. Electronic document flow system: problems and perspectives”

November 12, 2011, St-Petersburg
Presentation of Japanese robots in the A.S. Popov Central museum of communications

November 2011, Dubna (Moscow area)
The first RSCC’ earth Ka-band station

October 28, 2011, Moscow
300 years anniversary of Moscow general post office

October 2011, Mountain cluster (Sochi)
Installation of TETRA base station

October 11, 2011, St. Petersburg
Science and practical seminar on post and philately history, dedicated to 50 year anniversary of the first human space flight

October 11, 2011, Moscow
All-Russian conference of post employees

October 3, 2011, Moscow
The XXII Olympic winter games and XI Paralympic games in Sochi 2014 stamp cancellation solemn ceremony

Septembre 30, 2011, Moscow
Solemn cancellation ceremony of stamp "Multinational EurAsEC program "Innovative biotechnologies"

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