Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation\nFederal Agency of Communications (Rossvyaz)

Federal target-oriented programs

Rossvyaz is participating in the following Federal target-oriented programs:

Program «Olympic facilities construction and development of Sochi as mountain resort»

Program «Social and economic development of Chechen Republic for 2008-2012»

Program «Social development of rural areas till 2012»

Program «Social and economic development of Kuril Islands (Sakhalin area) for 2007 -2015»

Program «Economic and social development of Far East and Transbaikal for the period till 2013»

Program «Global ocean», subprogram «Reclaiming and usage of Arctic» (Shpitsbergen)»

Program «Development of TV broadcasting in Russian Federation for 2009 - 2015»

Program «Social and economic development of Ingushetia Republic for 2010-2016»

Program «Inhabitation»


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