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  • Numbering resource

    Rossvyaz is in charge for allocation, changing and recall of numbering resource of the integrated Russian telecommunication network

  • International activities

    Rossvyaz is an active participant of number international communication organizations

  • Proof-of-compliance

    Rossvyaz is organizing the proof-of-compliance system in the field of communications, as well as is keeping the list of conformance certificates and the list of declarations of compliance

  • Federal target-oriented programs

    Development of communication network within Federal target-oriented programs fulfillment

  • Development of postal network

    Public postal network is available for all users under the conditions of public agreement

  • Development of TV and radio broadcasting network

    Rossvyaz is participating in the implementation of digital TV in Russia

  • Universal service obligation

    Rendering of communication services via public telephone and public Internet access points is guarantied on the territory of Russian Federation

  • Development of satellite network

    Rossvyaz is in charge for creation, development and usage of satellite communication systems

  • Postage stamps

    Rossvyaz Commission approves issue plans of postage stamps, envelopes and cards, as well as postage stamps samples

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